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Lunar Eclipse January 12222 ~ Imperial Swoop

Afternoon Workshop: till pm approx. RSVP Early Includes both the morning lecture and the more in-depth afternoon workshop. Parking: Free with Handicap Placard. Be sure to bring a few dollars extra for raffle tickets! If you have a new or gently used book or item to donate, it is very appreciated! For more information, contact Mimi Alonso at[masked], or email at [masked] or Trish Vidal at[masked] or [masked]. We hope to see you! Directions: Email [masked] for exact directions. If this is your first time, it is recommended, as google may get you lost. Susan Q. Mark P. Nadiya S.

Skip to content. Attendees See all. GG GG Member. Give yourself the truth you need to hear. Zoom straight into the heart of what is important to you now. The result will be clarity and alignment. Leo or Leo Rising Holding onto a balloon and floating away. Let yourself be carried. What would it feel like to stop straining and clawing? What if you could trust that your throne is secure?

Did you ever learn to go with the flow? Teach yourself now. Trust yourself and find the current that can carry you toward your dreams. Virgo or Virgo Rising Expertly playing a piano. Years of practice have added up.

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You are finding your groove. Now where will you take your craft? Often we feel was if there is so much more to learn, so much more to refine. Let go of perfection and bring your ideas, talents and skills to a larger audience.

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After being pelted with wind and mud, you may feel like giving up. Instead, get into the sport of what you are doing in your career. So keep riding and let yourself be surprised by the outcome.

You know how to dedicate yourself to something. Stay engaged. The most important thing is that you feel aligned with your values.

Libra Weekly Astrology Horoscope 17th June 12222

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising Geese fly in a V-shape. The thing to remember is that you are never alone. Start trusting that you are included.

But right now you have a chance to start over emotionally and heal. It will take a load off your mind to trust your place in the world. Capricorn or Capricorn Rising Sleeping in a cloud. This week the energy shows up in your relationship area. In relationship you need to relax so that you can find the right words to express your emotions.

This communication will help you start fresh. Aquarius or Aquarius Rising Making a collage. You can fit the pieces together. Take a surprising new approach as you plan your day.

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Add in new and unlikely elements to your schedule so that you create a whole new vision for your life. The magic is in the details. Pisces or Pisces Rising Playing in the sand. This is about being spontaneous. Being led by fun. Being instinctive. Begin to play and be surprised by your results.

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Aries or Aries Rising A motorboat bounces against the waves. Speed will help you get over and around any emotional swells. You may feel rather slow and sluggish. Do something quickly to snap yourself out of it. Be very tender and gentle with yourself. Taurus or Taurus Rising A hamster in a wheel. Your mind is racing. You can spin in circles or you can engage mentally in a way that feels curious, inspiring and invigorating.

Mindfulness is key.

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Meditate to practice awareness. Follow your curiosity in a way that feels engaging instead of compulsive. And most of all, connect with friends. Gemini or Gemini Rising Gazing out over your vast empire. Do you feel connected with what you are building? Find creative way to assess your resources and remember your successes.

They are there. You do have them. Knowing that you have them will support you mentally. Connect to nature and get grounded. When you feel grounded and resourceful your self-worth amplifies. Want more wisdom?